After a motoring lifetime of cycling through BMWs, largely an inherited habit, my first P-car has been a step change and an eye-opener at that.  More precise, sharper, responsive, nimble, agile and inspiring — and that includes my previous V8 M3.  It’s no wonder Porsche and the 911 in particular have the reputation they do.

This blog was born of my love for the new car and my desire to share it with others who have, or aspire to, the same pride of ownership and enjoyment of this car.  Specifically I’m referring to the 1st-generation 991, or 991.1, iteration of the iconic 911.  Forums typically group all 991 discussions together, which lumps in the new turbocharged (no comment) .2 Carreras with us natural-aspiration purists who love the linear power crescendo and glorious sonority of that legendary atmospheric flat-six.  Not to mention it’s much better-looking.

I will continue to post bits and pieces on the forums of course but this is where my deepest and most complete expositions will be.  I’ll begin with the origin story, then move on to describe and explain the few modifications I’ve chosen to make, interspersed with the odd anecdote or rumination inspired by what is without doubt the best car I’ve ever owned.  Should be fun.