I knew I wanted a 911.  But which one?  It’d have to be second-hand — I’m not rich.  Thankfully I was buying in 2016 so the .1 had been out for a few years.  I knew I loved the 991 having hired them a few times from my local prestige rental place.  So I concluded I wouldn’t be happy with a 997.  I’d have to stretch to the current series.

Next decision: the colour.  My M3 was black which suited it well.  But a Porsche’s lines are more elegant and subtle.  Black would be too dark, those beautiful curves would be obscured and wasted.  The navy blue was interesting, but not really what I was going for.  White was a bit faddish for my liking, silver a bit plain?  Red may be great on a Ferrari but not here; I didn’t want anything too ostentatious or in-your-face.  It wouldn’t have been in keeping with the character of the car.  The metallic Agate Grey was perfect: sophisticated and serious, yet light enough to showcase the car’s refined musculature.  The navy was a close second I’d say — but not too close.

Next up: which model?