We don’t get much sun in the UK.  At least that’s the theory.  In practice spring and summer can be very sunny in London and the southeast.  Sure it doesn’t last all year or even that long, but when it’s there you want to take advantage of it.  For many years, driving fixed-roof cars, I always lamented the inability to open the car up to the sky on days when the sun was just glorious.  Yes, it does happen here.  And how about night-time cruises through the city?  With the top down it’s much easier to take everything in, all the great varied architecture and majesty of the Big Smoke.  Or any kind of drive really.  Sometimes you just want to let loose and enjoy the freedom and exposure to the elements (and engine sound) of open-top driving.

Targa?  No thanks.   Part of my reason for wanting to upgrade from M3 to 911 was how light the latter is in comparison.  It has slightly fewer horsepower on paper but feels quicker and sharper because it’s more compact and weighs a lot less.  Well significantly less anyway.  The Targa with its glass retractable roof is notably heavier than the convertible, so that was a definite no-no.  Not to mention the styling of the T is a bit fussy, with that chunky metal bit where the B-pillar should be.  The convertible they got just right this time, with its covered folding hard-top preserving the same sleek lines as the coupe when up, and without that unflattering hump in the rear of the previous version when down.  (The 991 convertible roof is made of three magnesium panels — four if you count the rear-window surround — enclosed by traditional soft-top fabric.)  And with the convertible I was still losing a good amount of weight from the M3, with a similar if not even better 0-60 time, even if not as much as I would have lost with the coupe.