Just a Few Changes Can Save You Money

With just a few small changes, you can save a lot of money on everyday necessities such as food and toiletries.  It may take a bit more adjusting in the food area, as we all tend to have our favourite brands of food.

You don’t have to forgo all your favourites, but do try give other own brands and other brands on offer a go. You might end up finding that not only are you saving money but you actually prefer your new purchases.



* Making lunch at home can be one of the biggest savings. Whether you’re at work or the children are at school, the amount you spend on lunches soon add up. A healthy lunch made at home can come in at a fraction of the price.

* If a trip to the coffee shop is an everyday occurrence, the cost soon mounts up. Make your own coffee at home or cut it out altogether and put that money aside. You’ll be shocked to see how much you’ve been spending.

* We are eating out and buy convenience foods more than any generation before us. Often on meals that we pop in the microwave and don’t realy enjoy. Cooking from scratch may take a bit more effort, but it does save money and is often much healthier

* Buy supermarket own brand foods. Just try it. Ok, some things may be non-negotiable, but you’d be surprised with how many items you’d happily swap. Your shopping bill will go way down.




* Instead of buying liquid hand soap, go back to soap bars. They last so much longer (particularly if you have children in the house!) and are much cheaper.

* Use up the toiletries you have before buying more. How many of us have a whole draw full of toiletries that we’ve been given for birthdays’ of Christmas? Use them up don’t keep them for good.

* Like with your groceries, try supermarket own branded items. There’s lots of things to choose from so give them a go.