Water Conservation: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Usage

Water is a precious resource, and we must try to conserve it in every way possible. With the global population growing each day, water conservation is more important than ever before. Here are 5 tips to reduce your usage of water so that everyone on this planet can continue to enjoy clean drinking water for many years to come!

Turning Off Water While Brushing Your Teeth

Standing there while you’re brushing your teeth and letting the water just run down the drain is a huge waste of water. Close the tap as soon as you’ve wet your toothbrush. There’s no need to have the tap running the whole time you’re brushing your teeth. Then just turn it back on again when you need to rinse.

Catch Water For Plants While It Heats Up

How many times have you just left the tap running while you’re waiting for the hot water to heat up? If you’re waiting for the hot water to get up to temperature, grab a container and catch the cold water. You can use the cold water for house plants, or wherever else you need it.

Take Showers Instead Of Baths

Believe it or not, a shower can use less water than a bath. Filling up the tub takes more water than you need to bathe in. Obviously, that’s not the case if you tend to have a 30minute shower!  However, if you aim to spend 3 minutes in the shower and switch your daily bath for a shower and you’ll save so much water.

Turn Off Water While Soaping Up

One way to conserve water and live more sustainably is to keep showers short. Another way to conserve water during a shower is to turn off the tap while you’re soaping up, and then turning it back on again when you need to rinse.

Fill the Washing Machine Fully

To minimise wasted water and save on utility bills, wait until you have a full load before washing your clothes.